Roger Angell on Tigers/Twins Game 163

OldTimeWriterXSmall.jpgNot sure when the last time (if ever) the Detroit Tigers appeared in anything related to The New Yorker, but Tuesday’s game was fascinating enough to earn a blog post from veteran baseball writer Roger Angell. Here’s a taste:

The only complaint anyone could mount against last night’s one-game playoff victory by the Minnesota Twins, who topped the Detroit Tigers, 6-5, in twelve innings, is that it’s about to disappear. The Twins, winners of the American League Central Division, will play the Yankees this evening in the first game of the A.L. Divisional Championship, while the National League’s Phillies take on the visiting Colorado Rockies and the Cardinals engage the Dodgers in L.A. Tomorrow, the Angels and the Red Sox start their part of the playoffs in Anaheim.


What we do know is that none of these games are going to be any better than the one played last night, which we will only dimly remember by the time they’re over.

It’s not the cleanest copy you’ll read — players’ names misspelled, a factual error about Miguel Cabrera (he didn’t spend “a night in jail over the weekend”) and so forth — but it’s worth a read anyway.

Hey, Tigers fans appreciate the appreciation. We’d just rather be basking in it tonight at Yankee Stadium.

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