Edgar Renteria Comes Clean on His Awful Season. No, Not 2008.

RenteriaBobbleHead.jpgWe’re not one to hold a grudge — ahem — but after reading this about Giants’ shortstop Edgar Renteria

… [He] played all last season with a bone spur in his right elbow, about the size of a piece of pea gravel.

— snip —

Renteria hit a career-low .250 with 19 doubles, five home runs and 48 RBIs in 124 games before the Giants turned to hot-hitting Juan Uribe as they fought for a playoff berth down the stretch. It was the fewest homers for Renteria since 1998 and resulted in a season that he called simply “embarrassing.”

… don’t you wonder how he would characterize his 2008 season with the Tigers?

In case he comes up short, here are a few suggestions: slothful, unprofessional, disrespectful, arrogant, dreadful.

Any I missed?

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Mike McClary

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3 thoughts on “Edgar Renteria Comes Clean on His Awful Season. No, Not 2008.”

  1. Credit DD for being afraid of Guillen after his comment that if Guillen had to move from SS for a new SS in ‘o8, “he’d better be a good one.” There went getting a light hitting defensive specialist, next thing you know Atlanta is eating Detroit’s lunch by getting Jurrgens. Renteria has been crap for years – where were our scouts??


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