Ernie Harwell By the Numbers

I’ve been thinking about Ernie Harwell‘s 42-year career in Detroit and began wondering how the Tigers fared over that time. Here’s a look at the numbers behind a Hall of Fame broadcasting career:

  • Total games played during Ernie’s career in Detroit: 6,663
  • Tigers’ record: 3,337-3,326 — a .501 winning percentage
  • Tigers’ record in his first season, 1960: 71-83, 4th place (of 8 teams)
  • Tigers’ record in his last season, 2002: 55-106, 5th place (of 5 teams)
  • Tigers’ best one-season record: 104-58 in 1984 (one game better than 1968)
  • Tigers’ worst one-season record: 55-105 in 2002

I expected a much worse overall Tigers record during Ernie’s time in Detroit. And I feel worse today remembering that they were such an awful team in his final season.

Do these numbers surprise you?

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