By any chance did you see this hatchet job on Marcus Thames by the Los Angeles Times‘ T.J. Simers? I’m not sure what Country Strong did to deserve this:

Marcus who?

According to Dodgers’ propaganda, this no-name thumper hits a home run every 15.58 at-bats — ranking him 27th in baseball history. Yowza!

Now you would think anyone ranked 27th in baseball history in anything would be a household name, but in his own clubhouse no one seems quite sure how to pronounce his name.

The Dodgers, while gushing about his stats, instructed everyone in their propaganda to call him “Tims,” while Tims tells everyone else his name is pronounced “Tems.”

I just know this: It’s hard to believe such a monster with the bat would be available as a free agent and so cheaply the Dodgers could afford to sign him.

And that’s about the nicest part. It’s not often you see something as vicious as this in a mainstream paper.

Dodgers camp must certainly be boring if Simers has to resort to trashing a guy.