More MLB Players Geeking Out with iPads

Nice article by Jon Paul Morosi on the ways players and executives are relying on technology for an edge.

Technology can help hitters work smarter. Now, they’re able to scrutinize video of themselves – and similar hitters – against a given pitcher whenever it’s convenient for them. While many players use their teams’ video equipment on a daily basis, the ballpark is no longer the only place where they can work. They can study on their own time – at the hotel, while they’re relaxing at home, or by utilizing Wi-Fi connections on the team charter. For the service, major leaguers pay a fee that varies depending on the player and amount of service needed for the team.

“The beauty of the iPad is that I was able to do my film study in the morning, so I wasn’t rushed when I got to the field,” [Pirates outfielder Matt] Diaz said Monday. “I’ve always said film study helps hitters more. It’s such a confidence thing, going into the box. If you have an idea of what they might throw, and they throw it, you have a much better chance of hitting it.

I’m a geek and iPad lover so I loved this column.

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