5 thoughts on “Video: Chris Singleton Says ALCS Probably as Far as Tigers Will Go

  1. Good pitching beats good hitting! Detroit has the pitching, the Yankees “DO NOT”! Advantage Detroit! Look out Philly, maybe you don’t know it but Detroit is coming to visit!


  2. Hey, Singleton,

    Do a little research, will ya? We don’t mind gut feelings, but if you go against facts/stats, let us know what you’re saying.

    Fact #1 – Tigers have played Yankees seven games this season (isn’t that interesting for comparing with a 7 game post-season series!). Tigers records vs. Yanks in 2011 is 4-3. Yep – Detroit won 4 times and lost only 3 times.

    Fact #2 – Those 7 games were played while the Tigers were offensively terrible. The second half of the season has been FAR better for offensive team stats (not to mention the addition of a better 3b and LF).

    Fact #3 – Tigers schedule in first half of season was harder than the second half; but the season is 162 games. They all count the same at the end. As of today (9/13), the Tigers are only 4.5 games back of Yankees. They’re ahead of TX (and continuing to gain ground); and only .5 back of a rapidly fading Boston.

    Fact #4 – Even if our opponents right now are only the Central division, a 10 game winning streak isn’t easy to pull off no matter who you’re playing. The Yanks do not have a 10 game win streak this season.

    The Yankees had better hope that the Tigers aren’t able to get Verlander into Game #1. If the Tigers can quickly get through Round 1, and the Yankees struggle at all….

    Come on, Singleton. Look at the facts.


  3. Dave, great job. You made great points here and it had slipped my mind that the Tigers won the season series against the Yankees. I don’t really have any doubts that Detroit can make it to the World Series. If they meet up with the Phillies in the end, I think it will prove to be one of the better World Series match-ups in recent history.

    My fingers are still crossed hoping that our Tigers can catch New York for the best record in the AL. The way Detroit has been playing the past few months I don’t see anyone on the remaining 15-game schedule that can hold them back!


  4. Take Singleton’s opinion with a grain of salt. He was still spouting off that the White Sox would win the division as recently as 2 weeks ago.


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