2 thoughts on “Getting Ready, Part 3 | Ernie Calls Tigers’ 1972 A.L. East Clincher

  1. This is so special to me. A few days later I eloped and we spent our honey moon trying to get tickets to the playoff games. When that didn’t happen, we sat in a bar in Flint and then over in Windsor watching the games. 38 years late, still very teary to hear this.


  2. That was a good memory for me, I was living in boston at the time and watched the game via one of their regular tv stations.
    What I remember of that September was that Kaline batted .500 the last 2 or 3 weeks of the year and had many key hits.
    The second thing was watching the rsox post game and due to a strike early on, the schedule was unbalanced. Bowie Kuhn decided on that. The Tigers won by a half game. In that post game, long time redsox player, manager, coach, announcer johnny pesky was standing with the tv play by play guy, and you could just about see the “steam” coming out of pesky’s ears, he was so pissed. I liked that.


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