I guess if you watch enough baseball in your life you do get to experience just about everything. From the delirium of 1984 and ’06 to the body blow that was Game 163, I thought I’d gone through every emotion as a Tigers fan.

Then came Saturday morning. That’s when the letdown set in and I’ll be damned if I can’t shake it.

This is new terrain for me.

In 1984, the Tigers clinched the American League East with 11 games remaining on the schedule. The same is true this year. Twenty-seven years ago, at least as I remember it, those final games seemed to zip by as the Tigers prepared for the ALCS against the Royals. (Sparky’s club went 7-4 after securing the division title.)

This year, though, these final games are nothing short of excruciating – like a baseball version of “The English Patient“. (Add a Tuesday-night disaster from Brad Penny and it only gets worse.)

Maybe the remaining games will gain some zip when the Tigers return home on Thursday for the final two series of the season and get a raucous welcome home from the Detroit faithful.

Let’s get to the playoffs already.

Am I alone on this?