Rainout (Over)Reaction

rainout.jpgYou could’ve sketched out a dozen or more scenarios for Game 1 in this ALDS but a suspended game after an inning and a half with the game tied at one?

That might have been in your second or third dozen scenarios.

In what seemed like an eternity, Twitter was blowing up during the rain delay with dire prognostications of how the game and the Tigers’ suddenly appeared doomed. The thing is, at that point we knew nothing.

Now we do. And despite the rainout and the Tigers having to pitch Doug Fister and Max Scherzer at Yankee Stadium, I still like the Tigers chances. So too does Jim Leyland:

“This is not a big deal,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. I don’t worry about stuff like that. I think when the manager makes a big deal about something like that, it affects the players. It is what it is. Good Lord, it rained. So what? It’s all about three. It’s all about three. Win three, lose three.”

The rumors of a day-night doubleheader (should Saturday’s game get washed out too) never seemed right to me. And I’m glad Major League Baseball eliminated that option right away.

Speaking of MLB, how can they justify the dreadful weather forecasting – or lack of it – that could’ve helped avoid this mess altogether. Two words: Weather. Channel.

But back to the rest of the series. Dave Schoenfield thinks the shuffled schedule helps the Tigers.

This is their opportunity to show that Justin Verlander isn’t a one-man pitching staff, for Fister to show that his late-season dominance wasn’t merely the result of facing soft AL Central lineups, for Max Scherzer to show that his ace-like stuff can show up in a big game.

My first instinct says this gives an edge to Detroit: I like Fister over Nova in their two potential matchups; I like Scherzer over Freddy Garcia in the revised Game 2 matchup; I don’t like the idea of A.J. Burnett starting at all.

I’m not going to argue with any of that. But if we are sitting here tomorrow night dealing with another rainout because MLB decided not to consult Jim Cantore, I think you’ll see a different reaction from Leyland. And a lot of other people.

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