Rapid Reaction: From Rainout to Blowout in 24 Hours

What can you say? In a game in which the Yankees found the right holes, plugged the right holes and the Tigers’ bats were filled with holes, even Doug Fister can’t save you … or keep you close, evidently.

For me, the balloon popped in the sixth when Magglio Ordonez hit a ball up the middle that would’ve been a hit had not Robinson Cano been covering the base on Austin Jackson‘s stolen-base attempt.

And, when Al Alburquerque gives up his first home run of the year, a grand slam to Cano, it’s not going to end well. (By the by, left-handed hitters batted .176 [12-for-68] against Alburquerque in the regular season.)

The Tigers offense showed a few flickers of life but not until the ninth inning. And the, not nearly enough.

So now it’s up to Max Scherzer to bring the Tigers home for Game 3 tied at one game apiece.

Here’s your boxscore.

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