Gloom Returns. Doom to Follow?

Another postseason series, another rainout and another quartet of games in as many days. Oh, and another right-handed slugger shelved – but this one for the season, and possibly for good.

On Saturday the Tigers took Delmon Young off the ALCS roster. Today, right around the time they postponed Game 2, the club announced that Magglio Ordonez had a broken ankle and is done for the year.

Now the Tigers have to play four games in a row – today’s game will be played on Monday in Arlington at 4:20 ET – and, in the meantime, try to find a hitter to replace Magglio on the roster.

Neither is a simple task.

On the bright side, Game 2 starter Max Scherzer gets an additional day of rest, as does a dinged and dented Alex Avila, an offensively befuddled Austin Jackson.

The prevailing wisdom is that the Tigers could withstand the (perhaps temporary) loss of Young. I suppose. But can they absorb the impact of today’s news on Magglio?

If Ryan Raburn can make the mental leap from role player to starting leftfielder in the league championship series, the Tigers might be okay. And if Avila, who had a few decent swings in Game 1, can emerge from his October snooze that would certainly help.

But back to Magglio. Who replaces him on the roster? From what I’ve read on Twitter from those in Arlington you can count out Brennan Boesch, Carlos Guillen (imagine him up there last night against Neftali Feliz) and Clete Thomas (!). Andy Dirks might get more playing time now, but not against the Rangers’ lefties.

Not a pretty picture. But it’s the picture we have to watch.

One thing’s for sure, the pressure on Tigers pitchers just soared. And, for that matter, it did soared for the hitters too.

One thought on “Gloom Returns. Doom to Follow?

  1. Wow, so what would the lineup be?

    1. Jackson
    2. Kelly
    3. Peralta (?)
    4. Cabrera
    5. Martinez
    6. Avila
    7. Raburn (?)
    8. Dirks (?)
    9. Inge

    Uh oh…


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