Instant Reaction: Tigers Offense Thaws in the Nick of Time to Support Fister

I’ll admit it. As this game got started I feared the Tigers and Doug Fister were doomed for a 2-1 loss.

From early on it was clear that Fister brought his A-game, but it wasn’t clear the offense showed up at all — evident by the ridiculous pitches Miguel Cabrera and poor Alex Avila and just about everyone else in the lineup were flailing at in their first at bats.

But then Austin Jackson started getting on base, beginning with a single in the first — and then two more hits on the night to finish 3 for 5 with an RBI. And before you knew it, Victor Martinez went yard to tie it at one. And Cabrera untied it, Jhonny Peralta extended the lead … and in the meantime Fister continued to keep the Rangers in check.

The key story lines leading into Game 4 will be:

  • Can Rick Porcello deliver and give Justin Verlander a series tied at two apiece?
  • What’s the deal with Martinez and will he be healthy enough to play?
  • With a lefty starting for the Rangers, will we see Delmon Young or is his season kaput?

Something else to wonder: Is Jackson thawing out or was Game 3 a fluke? On second thought, let’s worry about that later.

For now, the Tigers have made this series more interesting, even if it’s just for one night.

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