Instant Reaction: Insult to Injury

As Rick Porcello was crafting a beautiful outing through the first five innings, I allowed myself think about the Tigers heading back to Texas with a 3-2 series lead. I should’ve known better; the Tigers were up only 2-0 and the Rangers were just waiting in the weeds for the right moment to get back into the game.

When David Murphy, who’s become as irritating as David DeJesus, lined a single to left to leadoff the sixth … I had a bad feeling. No way Porcello can lose steam that fast, I thought. Ahem. All of a sudden the Tigers are losing and, well, you know.

But then Brandon Inge hit a game-tying homer in the seventh and maybe there’s more magic to be seen.

Once the game went into extra innings, my optimism all but evaporated. Hopeful, yes. Optimistic? No. Much like in Game 2, it doesn’t much matter what the final score was on Wednesday night. The chance to extend the season rests in the hands of Justin Verlander. Even if he does, how confident are you that the Tigers bats will be able to deliver one win much less three?

Me? Not so much. At least not at the moment.

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