With a quick 2-0 lead in Game 6 of the ALCS, the Tigers had us believing that Game 7 could be more than wishful thinking. A couple of innings later, the season effectively came to an end.

It’s not good form to blame a nine-run inning on umpiring – Max Scherzer did most of the damage to himself – but a couple calls undoubtedly went against the Tigers that helped extend the inning.

In many ways, it seemed like the Tigers had no business playing in the ALCS when you looked at the Rangers lineup. But Detroit could’ve made quick work of Texas had they gotten a timely hit or two – check that, one would’ve done in many cases – in the first two games of the series.

Some other random thoughts:

Poor Brandon Inge has made the final out in the Tigers’ last two postseason appearances.

Was it ever more evident than in this series that the Tigers needed Brennan Boesch?

Watching the Rangers bullpen carve up the Tigers made me miss Joel Zumaya … a lot.

I thought the Rangers’ base stealing with a seven-run lead was about as bush league as it gets.

How tough is Alex Avila? We’ll probably find out shortly.

Did Ian Kinsler really think Al Alburquerque was throwing at him? Get a clue.

The worst part of any season coming to an end, especially one that fell tantalizingly close to a World Series appearance, is the long wait for the next season to get under way.

Because winter stands between the last out of a season and the first pitch of Spring Training, the wait in baseball seems all the more cruel.

But maybe not as cruel as a couple of these ALCS losses, Game 6 included.