Play of the Game Delivered by a ‘Tools Guy’

As much as I loved seeing Don Kelly come through when every expected the opposite, the play of the game for me in the Tigers’ 5-4 win in Game 2  is Avisail Garcia‘s rifle-armed throw to gun down Co Co Crisp at the plate in the third. (Though Crisp’s botched basket catch in the seventh is in the running.) Jim Leyland agrees:

“Huge,” manager Jim Leyland said. “It was a huge throw. You know, this kid is an athlete. He can run and throw. He’s a tools guy. You saw one of the tools show off at a big time today.”

Garcia seemed to savor the moment himself:

I was thinking and anticipating the play,” said Garcia, adding he noticed Crisp rounding third base. “When I got the ball, I knew I had to make a good throw.

If this postseason marches on deep into this month, let’s hope Garcia’s throw doesn’t get forgotten.

What’s your play of the game?

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