Uncharted Territory

Ok, wait. Over the weekend I’m thinking, Catch a break or two and leave the Bronx even at a game a piece.

Then, after the Game 1 disaster turned miracle, I’m thinking, Don’t get greedy. But if another … something breaks the Tigers’ way, they could come home up two games to none. But get real.

Heading into Game 3, even with Justin Verlander going, my brain is saying, You can’t be surprised if things even out a bit. Even if they lose Game 3, the Tigers can win the A.L. pennant at home.

I didn’t even allow myself to consider – even for a moment – the notion of a three-games-to-none lead over the Yankees. But that’s where we are.


In 2006 the Tigers built a three-zip advantage over the A’s before sweeping them, so they have been here before. No offense to Ken Macha’s crew, but this feels different. Why? Because it’s the Yankees, of course. That’s why this all feels so new.

What are we supposed to think heading into Game 4, Max Scherzer versus CC Sabathia? We’re supposed to prepare ourselves for a little letdown, an inevitable Yankees win.

But I don’t think so. I expect the Tigers, a club that has done nothing easily this entire season, to go for the kill and end this series.

At least that’s what I think I think. I mean, who knows?

This all feels so new.

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