6 and 12

That’s the Tigers record since Placido Polanco got hurt in Boston.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ll leave it to you to decide if these are desperate times for the Tigers, but how does this strike you as a desperate measure: when Ramon Santiago‘s in the lineup why not use the DH for him and let the pitcher hit?

Santiago with a clutch hit. Still…

If the middle infield corps thins anymore, we may have to put infield coach Rafael Belliard in the lineup. Don’t laugh.

I’ve decided: Let Neifi go in the offseason and keep Infante.

It’s good to see Chris Shelton in the lineup again.

New pitcher + Craig Monroe = first-pitch flyout with two men on.

Talk about a drought: Santiago hasn’t hit a homer since Aug. 1, 2003

Final thought: The Tigers appear to be stumbling to the finish line, that much we know. But, last year’s White Sox team didn’t exactly sprint to the postseason either. In fact, I thought they’d be fatigued from fighting off Cleveland and lose to the Red Sox in the first round. Instead, the merely won it all. I’ll take that from the Tigers over the next six weeks.

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