A Tremendous Start


How can you complain about game one of the Twins series? Can’t.

Verlander was phenomenal.

The offense explosive at long last.

Bullpen work = top notch.

I was really hoping to be able to write something about the line score having a zero in the E column and for eight innings it looked good.

I watched the game on ESPN2 rather than the FSN North option on the satellite and got to hear Buck Martinez gush about the Tigers and Jim Leyland. Something that Gary Thorne mentioned in the ninth inning stood out for me was how the Tigers have a 40 and 23 record against the Central division this season Ñ imagine if they were closer to .500 against the White Sox.

Why run Todd Jones out there with a six-run lead? Martinez or Thorne said that it was because Jones hadn’t pitched since Monday and Leyland probably wanted him to get into the flow of the series from the get-go. I’ll buy that.

Anyway, a full evening of work awaits. Already it, and the weekend, are off to a good start.

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