4 States Later, I’m in the ‘Hood

Put it this way: sometimes those low, low Southwest fares fall under the category of "you get what you pay for." I started my day in Phoenix, stopped in Oklahoma city, then St. Louis (when it was the third inning), and finally landing in Detroit inthe bottom of the eighth. I had hope to see the last inning of the game in the concourse but, wouldn’t you know it, our early arrival meant an aircraft was sitting at our gate.


So, I "watched" the ninth on my Treo as we waited for the gate to free up. I still haven’t seen highlights of the ninth but take it from me, watching Todd Jones close out a game on the cellphone is not a bad option.

Now I’m settled in at the homestead in the Shores and ready for a night of sleep before heading down to the yard for a possible clincher.

I don’t know about you, but it’s still astounding to me that the Tigers are one win away from the World Series. One win.

Tomorrow should be incredible. I can’t wait to get down there early and take it all in.

I’ll see if I can post to the blog from my phone during the game. That is if my fingers aren’t frozen.

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