Bloggin’ and Flyin’ with Rod Allen

I’m aboard a very turbulent flight this morning. Ninety percent of it coming from the unsettled air above the Midwest, the other 10 from the guy in front of me who seems determined to jam his seat back into my MacBook’s screen.

It’s 7:45 a.m. Phoenix time as I write this and I’ve already been up six and a half hours.

And on to the Rod Allen thing. He’s somewhere on this flight heading back to his Phoenix-area home. Poor Rod didn’t get his boarding pass soon enough and found himself in the B group. In other words, he ain’t nowhere near my row five. Maybe I’ll chat him up at baggage claim and see if I can’t get him to come on the podcast. Well, maybe not.

I really don’t care who the Tigers face in the World Series. Do you? Purists like my dad want to see the Cardinals because of the teams’ shared World Series heritage. I guess that’s okay and I wouldn’t complain. I prefer the Mets just for something new. What I don’t like about the Cardinals/Tigers series is the inevitable Jim Leyland and Tony LaRussa LoveFest that we’ll be forced to read and hear about for a week and a half.

Do you remember in 1987 the media were salivating at the prospect of a Tigers/Giants World Series for no other reason than to have Sparky Anderson and Roger Craig spinning webs o’ baseball stories and malaprops? I want to see the Mets only because it’s something different. Or, as Steve said yesterday, it’s the matchup we’ve wanted to see all summer.

If you haven’t read Doug Hill‘s comment to the previous post I’ll bring it up here. Doug’s comment (actually it’s from his Dad) is who will throw out the first pitch in game one of the World Series? They’ve reached back into the 1968 roster for other home games ceremonials, will they, Jerry Hill asks, look to an 1984 Tiger?

Josh Wallen thinks it could be Ernie Harwell. Or, he writes, why not go out from the baseball world and hand the ball to Steve Yzerman? Now that would be cool. Here are my top three choices:

1. Gibby
2. Jack Morris
3. Mark Fidrych

Yes, we could ask Tram to do it and I wouldn’t complain. Methinks that would be a tad awkward.

Here are my bottom three:

1. Stan Papi
2. Chris Brown
3. Mark Thurmond

Who would be your choice?

Any chance that we can get Tim McCarver fired before Saturday night?

Finally, I can’t imagine the deadline pressure that newspapers face when a big event like Saturday night’s clinch occurs and they have to scramble to put together a morning edition. Still, you would think that someone at The Macomb Daily would have caught the error in the front page caption which identified Pudge as ÒAurelio ‘Pudge’ RodriguezÓ. Chances are that caption writer is a over 40 years old….or an intern.

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