Tracking trends and thinking outloud

In no particular order:

  • Another solid outing wasted. And we can’t even blame it on Fernando Rodney. I’m convinced that if Paul Konerko had come to the dish for a seventh at bat, he hits a homer. (I said the same thing about ABs #1-6.)
  • With a free pass today, I suppose it’s no longer fashionable to get on Pudge about his lack of plate discipline.
  • Classic shot from today’s game: The fan using the tip end of his sunglasses to punch his All Star ballot selections. How many times I’ve used keys, drinking straws and whatever point-ish objects I could find at the ball park. I believe the MLB ballot invented the hanging chad.
  • In no way is this meant to be glib: What does Sean Casey give the Tigers that Carlos Pena didn’t? So far, all we get from The Councilman is steady glove work. A below .200 average? Carlos can give you at least .220.

    Think about it. Are you thinking about it?

  • In a comment to last week’s Non-Sequiturs, Josh Wallen called me on my man crush for Todd Helton. It wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t so true.
  • Remember last year when the Tigers left Detroit in April for the West Coast? Good things started happening then. Could that be the elixir again in 2007? Let’s hope so; I’ll be in Anaheim for Monday and Tuesday’s games.
  • I’ll be recording the next podcast from the road and The Big A. We’ll see how well this portable recording technology performs.

Enjoy your week.

One thought on “Tracking trends and thinking outloud

  1. I agree on the Casey-Pena assessment.

    Jealous you’re heading out to a west coast game. Of course, the trip is much shorter!

    And finally, I like the recent change to the theme. It’s much more readable than it was with the dark background.


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