Tigers roadtrip recap: day 1

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. — I certainly should be in bed right now with a 6:30 wake-up call coming but thought I’d share some impressions from the first game on this two-day, two-game roady for the Tigers and for me.

Poor meal management on my part prevented me from seeing Grandy round the bases in the first inning. (Photo: Mark Avery / Associated Press)

I’m not sure if you could tell on TV the number of Tigers fans at Angels Stadium for Monday night’s game but it was impressive. I’m not good at deciphering percentages but I’ll go out on a limb and say a third of the fans were Tigers loyalists. I spoke to one fan from Southern Cal who moved not long ago from West Bloomfield and another Metro Detroit native who know lives in Houghton Lake. I interviewed her for the podcast.

I missed Curtis Granderson‘s leadoff homer because I chose to go first to the concession stand. So, while I was waiting for the Farmer John Grand Slam dog ($5), Grandy circled the bases. When I asked the concessionaire to explain the difference between the Farmer John hot dog ($3) and the Grand Slam version she said: “More meat.” Isn’t that always the case?

Placido Polanco‘s first at bat led to a curious call and an early exit for an Angels fan. The fan interfered with a foul pop down the left-field line and Polanco was called out. Soon three of Anaheim’s finest came to take away the offender. Can you imagine paying the ticket price for a first-row seat only to be bounced after two batters?

The Angels do something original between innings. It’s called “The Kiss Cam” where they pan the crowd and…What’s that? You’ve seen this at every sporting event in North America? Oh. Yeah, me too. But what you probably didn’t see on Monday night was when the camera guy (or gal) zeroed-in on Mario Impemba and Rod Allen during the Kiss Cam. Allen was standing and Impemba was seated, looking like he might have been broadcasting. Allen laughed and then leaned down to kiss the top of Mario’s head. Can’t confirm if there was actual contact.

Looking forward to a mini sweep of a mini series. My friend John Milton and I will be taking in the game with Bob Wright of the Baseball History Podcast. Followed by seven hours on the road back to Phoenix.

Life is good!

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