2009 Player Profile: Adam Everett

Adam Everett #4

  • Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 180
  • 2008 Stats: .213 – 2 HR – 20 RBI

Adam EverettIt’s difficult to get a clear picture of new Tigers shortstop Adam Everett based on his 2008 performance with the Twins. He had just 158 at bats (which produced a .213 average) and appeared in only 45 games for the Twins defensively due to a bum throwing shoulder. However, it’s not so much Everett’s production at the plate that concerns Tigers fans – anything close to .250 would suffice – it’s his glove work.

Jim Leyland and the Tigers’ faithful look to the 31-year-old to fortify (along with third baseman Brandon Inge) the left side of the infield. But how can he inject some offense into the lower third of the lineup in 2009? By focusing on the parts of the strike zone he favors; for Everett that’s above the belt from the heart of the plate to the outside corner.

The bottom line is that the Tigers wouldn’t have signed Everett to man a keystone position if they didn’t see him as a defensive upgrade to the departed Edgar Renteria.

One thought on “2009 Player Profile: Adam Everett

  1. Offense isn’t everything. You need a balance of good offensive and defensive players to have a good team, which we lacked in 08. I think the Tigers made a great move. If it weren’t for the 1st round draft pick, I’d say the Tigers should’ve got Orlando Cabrera, he’s very good defensively, and he’s very good offensively. Everett&Cabrera’s stats across the board are pretty much even except that Cabrera will have a 50 point plus advantage in batting average.The cost of Everett is much less so I shouldn’t complain, but, does anyone else think we should have gotten O.Cabrera? Any comments?


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