George Kell: 1922-2009

Sad news
from Swifton, Arkansas, today.George_Kell

I grew up with George Kell and he will always be my favorite broadcaster — apologies to Ernie.

Two years ago I had the honor of interviewing him on the podcast. If you haven’t listened to it, and you want to hear his voice again, check it out here.

I’m sure I’ll write more later but feel free to use the comments to share your memories of George Kell.

3 thoughts on “George Kell: 1922-2009

  1. Mike,

    I was sorry to hear that George Kell passed away as well. He and Ernie Harwell were the 2 voices that I grew up listening to and whenever I hear either of them, I am immediately swept away back to our little house in Taylor, MI, listening to my transistor radio as the Tigers fought for the the 1972 American League East title! Great memories!

    George was a class act and he will be missed!


  2. George Kell is the one we always imitated as we played and announced our whiffle ball games growing up. Ernie was the institution, but Kell was no less of one for everyone I knew growing up. His retirement bummed me out as much as Ernie’s. He will be missed.

    “Thanks Eli, and Good Afternoon!”

    Time to go home and watch my DVD of the 1987 AL East clincher.


  3. I feel like I lost a family member hearing about the passing of George Kell. Loved his voice and enthusiasm of calling games. Started going to Tiger games as far back as 67 but the knowledge George, Al, and Ernie shared as Tiger broadcasters always telling the story’s only Hall Of Famers could tell. We’ll all miss you George…


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